Feature #1

Augmented Reality Technology

Uses advanced technology to give you real time analysis of asymmetry, border, colour, diameter and evolution.

Feature #2

Detailed Mole Analysis

Provides you with detailed analysis results for any type of mole giving you a in depth understanding of what to look for.

Feature #3

Automatic Reminders

Setup automatic reminders to checkup any mole you are concerned about.

Feature #4

Save Unlimted Photos

Archive as many photos you like which you can come back and view at any time.

Feature #5

Compare your results

Compare your photos to help track the evolutionary changes of a mole.

Feature #6

Data is Secure

All data is self contained on your phone and nobody has access to it except you.

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Melanoma is a cancer of the melanocytes (cells that produce pigment giving our skin its natural colour). Melanoma is by far the most serious and dangerous type of skin cancer, because it can spread easily to other organs in the body.

When it spreads, the cancer extends downwards from the epidermis and can invade healthy tissue such as nearby lymph nodes or it can get into your bloodstream. Once in the bloodstream or lymphatic system, the cancer can easily spread to other parts of the body. That's why, even if a melanoma is cut out, the cancer can reappear months or years later, often in your lungs, liver or brain.

The good news is that survival rates for melanoma are high in Australia, and that melanoma develops on the skin so by checking your skin and being aware of any changes, melanomas can be detected before they have the chance to spread. However, the outcome very much depends on how deep the cancer has grown. A melanoma need only be 1mm deep to get into your bloodstream and spread. So detecting melanoma early is important. The other piece of good news is that melanoma is preventable by avoiding over exposure to UVR.


Elizabeth - Wow. Amazing

"I have never reviewed an app but had to. U can even save analysis and name mole to show dr or compare w next months photo. This will save lives."

Stuart - Right in the nick of time

"I think I may have found one that needs checking out at the doctor and it's only been there for a little while. Thanks... was wondering when I should start checking out moles. :D Now I will definitely ask when I see my doctor next. Would be handy if you could use photos already taken on the phone as the in-app camera didn't seem to work very well, and you couldn't use a flash or led for lighting. 4 stars. Awesome job"

EtheB - Thanks for providing this FOC

"An interesting and potentially very useful app. Anything that heightens one's awareness of diagnostic medical procedures, used with a degree of caution, is well worth investigatin and this one certainly appears to be a rather good example - thank you!"

Alan - Excellent idea

"As tanning and solariums become increasingly popular skin cancer awareness should be stressed to all ages and demographics. This app is very innovative as it lets you see in real time the risk that your mole is malignant (dangerous) it also reminds us that our moles need to be kept under observation and that new moles may not always be benign. With some refinement (understandably difficult with the range of cameras and knowlege of users) required to enhance user expereience i still think this app is a must have for anyone with a mole.. which is pretty much everyone!"